AUGUST 26TH 8PM..Burns Twice returns to their home away from home, Malloy's!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHELLE BROWN, On the release of her new single “Lucky Girl”!! Check out her new video: Lucky Girl by Michelle Brown (Official Video) - YouTube

Join us at Malloy's July 29 !! Show starts a 8, and as always , it's a party on the Patio!!

Coolest Birthday Cake Eva!!


Thanks to Jodi and Deb and Alex for just being great!! Fun end of the Gemini Extravaganza Birthday Parties. We return to Malloy's July 29!!

    June 17th at Malloy's, It's round 2 for The Genimi Party. This should be fun!! Show starts at 8!!

Prom Night was a blast, 3 birthdays and people danced the night away.

APRIL 22 8PM The Little House Band on the Prairie , Burns Twice returns to their favorite bar, Malloy's!! 

As Burns Twice swings into spring and bids adieu to guitarist Bob Sacatelli, Michell's new video is about to hit all the streaming services, see a sneak look on YouTube and give her some likes!!  Cover of Burt Bacharach's Baby It's You, by Michelle Brown - YouTube


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