Saturday , August 3, 8 pm, Jakes Roadhouse . Burns Twice returns to Denver's Home for Live Music, Jakes Roadhouse !! 


Friday August 9, 8 pm. The Columbine presents the return of Burns Twice !! It's allways a Fun Friday at The Columbine !! Come for their great Happy Hour stay for the show !!


Thanks to Joe and the staff, Karl D. for shooting video, [see the video /burns-twice-videos ] Dinner was good , The cake was a work of art !! It had a flaming guitar on it !! So great to see all our friends!!

JAMESTOWN MERC JUNE 22 8PM ...It's The 9th year in a row for The Burns Twice Gemini Party !! This year it's the release of  the New Burns Twice EP, "Both Ends" !! Dinner is at 7 , Music starts at 8. 


Party, Party Weekends !! Thanks to Jim for hosting Jimstock for our 4th year running!! Thanks to Gary for throwing Nichole a killer birthday/ pool party !! Fun having Div sit in !! 

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