Big thanks go to all our friends at G.T. Sanders. Those guys can really throw a party!! We have played The Product Carnival many times [in better weather!!] but this year is our favorite!! Bennet's' B.B.Q. really did a great job on the food, and we had a blast playing with our old friend Carlos !! He still has "The Fire down Below"!! So good to see Nancy, Bobby, Vern and all of our plumber friends!!


THANKS TO DOUG AND MIKE for really rolling out the red carpet for our friends and family!! You just can't have a bad time at Jakes!! Great to see all our old friends rocking out!! We return to Jakes Dec. 14 ,we can't wait!

FRIDAY NIGHT Sept. 21st 9pm

Burns Twice and Michelle Brown return to Jakes for a Roadhouse Fun Friday !! It's always a good time !! 




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We are still getting You Tube views on
"The Burns Twice Freedom Rock Parody".
The live video was recorded at Smoking Joe's ,
way back on March 2, 2010, and then
the twisted mind of P.M.E. Video's took over!!
That's Tom Williams
on stage left guitar!!


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"Burns Twice Time Machine"


previous burns twice shows  


June 16th The Jamestown Merc host's The 8th Annual Burns Twice Gemini Party !! Dinner at 7 and show starts at 8!!

What a wonderful night! see the pics!!

JUNE 9 8PM The Boogie Down presents the return of Burns Twice !! The Boogie Down at 5115 Morrison Rd was fun last year!! Join us for a party on the patio!! 


FRIDAY JUNE 1ST JAKE'S ROADHOUSE PRESENTS BURNS TWICE FOR A FUN FRIDAY !! Come early, have dinner, grab a table and stay for the show !! We always have a blast at Colorado's Home for Live Music, Jake's Roadhouse!! 

Thanks to everybody for a great day !! Shades of Jade, and TNT played great sets. The Elk Burgers and everything tasted great!! We have played with Jim 3 times over the years, and this party was the most fun!! Great day Jim and Debbie thanks for everything !!


What a night!! Roby's Birthday [there was cake] , Scott's a Grandfather, we were riding with the King !!Thanks Doug!! Annette sat in, great to see Mike and Dave!! See Scott's pics..!

JANUARY 19, JAKES ROADHOUSE 9PM...We are back for a fun Friday at Colorado's Home for Live Music ,Jakes Roadhouse!! Check out their web at  You never know who will be sitting in, so come out for dinner and grab a good table!

Burns Twice is taking some time off from our live shows to work on our new CD, Big fun recording "The Wall to Wall Horns" at E-town in Boulder!! check out some pics from the recording sessions!


Burns Twice welcomes Dave Emmitt to the band!!

Dave will be singing, playing Harp, and covering percussion. We can't wait to play out so everyone can meet "The King of Harps" Dave Emmitt !!

What a blast we had at The Wild Game !! Fantastic room!! Thanks to Tom and Dave for rocking with us. Good to see Laura, Kittye, Kari and Bob!!FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, THE WILD GAME, LONGMONT...Michelle and Burns Twice head to Longmont to check out a really fun new room, The Wild Game, 2251 Ken Pratt...You should see this place!!

It's our first gig in 18 and we would love to see our Front Range friends and fans, Showtime is 8,so come out for the Games, Rock out with Burns Twice!!

KLINE'S BEER HALL Saturday, July 8 th .. Join Michelle and Burns Twice as we return to Denver's Most Venerable Beer Hall !! If you haven't been to Kline's ,you are in for a treat!! We played there a few months ago, Cool Room , Great Brats, and the 21st Century Classic Rock of Burns Twice!!

SATURDAY JUNE 17TH 8 PM The Jamestown Merc presents the return of Burns Twice for our 7th annual "Gemini Birthday Party" !! Help us celebrate the first stop on my "Route 66 Tour"!! 

SATURDAY SEPT. 23,9 PM Michelle and Burns Twice are headed back to Colorado's Home for Live Music...Jake's Road House!!

Joining us for a night of smoking guitar ..Kirk Kisselman, Kirk sat in a while back and tore it up, so we are really looking forward to Saturday at The Roadhouse!!

July 15th 8 pm... Michelle and Burns Twice are taking our "Party on the Patio" to a cool new room for us....The Boogie Down ! [ 5115 Morrison Rd 720 550-7127 ] Come out and enjoy the Summer!!


       IN THE ZONE ,Golden Co. June 18th 3pm We are taking the " Burns Twice Party on the Patio" to a new club, In the Zone [15600 W. 44th,in Golden]!! Join us for some 21st Century Classic Rock and some fun in the sun !!


We now have the new
Burns Twice T-shirts
for sale at all our shows!!
Get Scott to hook you up!!










Burns Twice is in the house!!
Jake's "Stop In" Roadhouse that is!
Join us for a fun day in the sun,
Sunday, March 26th from 3 to 6 pm!!
Look for the shots of the Roadhouse
in our video, even a shot of Doug!! 

Thanks to Max and Sal DeVincenzo  
and Scott E. for the "Burns Twice Postcard" video !!
Great Job!! What a fun year!!
We have a new video channel on the old youtubes,
with the new vid and
some classic Burns Twice videos!!
See the vids !!



It's going to be a Rocking St. Patrick's
This looks like a fun new room...
Beer and Brats!!
The Klines were the first beer license
ever in Colorado, back in 1933!! Kline's Beer Hall is
located at 7519 Grandview Ave.
303 351-7938

SATURDAY, OCT. 22 The West Hill Grill,11614 W. Belleview,Littleton, Michelle and Burns Twice return for a Saturday Night at The West Hill !!The show starts at 7, come out for Happy Hour, then rock out to some 21st Century Classic Rock!!

DEMARRA'S BOURBON BAR,Saturday Sept. 17 8pm
Join Michelle and Burns Twice for some rock and roll, and some bourbon...all well aged!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thanks to every one who rocked with us all,all day long and into the night at the Dog Days Beach Party at Hoppers! Thanks to every one who dug deep and pony-ed up dough for DMK Rehoming!! We saw friends we haven't seen in years,Kay Ann,La Easton,Jackie,Lori, good to see, Kenny,Randy,Janice, Divya, Tom and the whole Clan Douglass,!! Sal's pics of Burns Twice are up !! To see the entire day visit


Burns Twice returns to Jake's Stop In Roadhouse Sept. 3 9 pm. Jake's is the Home for Colorado Live Music, and that house is ready to rock!!

Hopper's Friday Sept. 2,8 pm. Michelle and her Ho-daddys, Burns Twice, return to Denver's Best Beach for our Favorite Fun Friday Spot, Hopper's!!

The Taunez Tavern
August 27th. 8 pm,The next stop
on our "Party on the Patio" tour
is our favorite neighborhood tavern..
The Taunez!!

Thanks Kim!! He named a drink after the band,The Burns Twice!! 2 kinds of rum, a little fire,a little blue liquor, and there you have it!! Delish!!
We are back to Demarras Sept.17th!!
Demarras Aug. 20 8 pm . The party just keeps going!! Michelle and Burns Twice are back on the patio for a hot summer night!!

Thanks Sarah!! Fun was being had at the Burn Out!! Great to see all the musicians who came to see us!! Thanks Randy Wylde, nice job on sitting in on 867-5309 and M.O.W.E. !! pics are up!!
FRIDAY August 5th, THE BURNOUT GRILL PRESENTS Burns Twice!! We are headed to Milliken Co. [1760 Broad St.] for yet another new room to visit. This place looks like our kind of bar and grill!! Can't wait to meet some new folks!!

Thanks Kim! Great to see the Dean-o and his mighty,mighty Riv!! Check here for the next Burns Twice Show at Demarras!! BURNS TWICE RETURNS TO DEMARRAS SATURDAY AUGUST 20,SEE YOU THEN!!

SATURDAY JULY 16TH .Demarra Bourbon Bar..We had so much fun, we're headed back for more!!

Burns Twice returns to the West Hill on Saturday, Oct 22!!
 What a ton of FUN!! Tony and the gals at the West Hill are doing it right, very nice, big room,full of friendly folks. Check here for a return to the West Hill!!
The West Hill Grill, June 11. 11614 W. Belview [on the corner of Belview and Sims]  Come for their fun Happy Hour and stay for the band at 7 !!
Thanks to Joe, Miles, LuLu, and Rainbow and Adam for taking the time to help us set up things so we could be the first band to try it out. It really works great!! LuLu killed it in the kitchen, So fun to see everyone!! We all had cake, it was a good day!!
Better,and better, LuLu is
cooking a burger and
home made chips dinner special
and we are the first band to play
the New Rainbow Room at the Merc!!
We are excited!!

Saturday June 18th
The Jamestown Merc 5th Annual Gemini Birthday Party. With all the bluegrass fans gone to Telluride, Jamestown's Oldest Surviving Garage Band is allowed to be loud and the show starts at 8, and by 10 everything should be back to normal, AB normal! 

The Rock Rolled, the Bourbon flowed!!Thanks to the staff !! What a friendly club!! We are heading back to Demarra's Saturday, July 16th!! See Scott's pics..

Saturday JUNE 4TH, Demarra's Bourbon Bar 1110 W. Alameda Parkway, in Lakewood. This is another new room for the band, wait till you see this room!! The menu looks great so Michelle and the Boys are looking forward to playing and meeting everyone!!

Always a fun time at The North Side !! Highlight of the night....We used the power of the pa to force Steve from behind the bar and up on stage to sing "Surrender" !! Killed it!! If you ever get tired of the bar business, You have a spot in Burns Twice !! Thanks to Kittye and her Krew for packing the dance floor, Reign and  Doug, Nichole, our spirit animal, Scott, Becky, and a shout out to management and staff for going out of their way to make everyone feel right at home!!
A special shout out to Stage Tech , Photographer , and now Lightman Scott !! Great Job!!

Saturday April 9th, 8:30...
back to
Broomfield for a Saturday Night at
The North Side Tavern! We had a ball last time !! Great food, friendly patrons and staff, and it's a beautiful new room!!
 If you haven't been to The North Side Tavern,
join Michelle and Burns Twice and see for yourself!!

Thanks to Jag and Tracee for sitting in,you guys sounded great!!
Scott's pics are up.
Saturday,March 26 The Taunez Tavern .
Should be  a fun Saturday Night
in the neighborhood!!


      What a great crowd!! It was family night at Jakes,
and there were birthdays a-plenty,
[ red velvet birthday cake] and thanks to all who
shared the stage with us tonight!!
Thanks to photographer Scott,
the pics are up on the photo page.

JAKE'S "STOP IN" ROADHOUSE, March 5th 9 pm.....
Join Burns Twice and Michelle Brown as we
stop in at The Roadhouse for a
Saturday Night Show.
Jake's is a great room for Live Colorado Rock,
come see for yourself!

Wow!! What a beautiful room!! Thanks to Steve and the staff for showing us such great hospitality!! Burns Twice returns to the North Side April 9th !!

BROOMFEILD ...Michelle and Burns Twice are headed 
to Broomfeild to play a new club,
The North Side Tavern !! It's a really nice room
and we hear the food is fantastic!!
Best of luck to Steve and Jay !! The North Side is located at 127087 Lowell.

Thanks to Cheryl and Ken,
we love what you have done with the place!!
Thanks to Michelle's tribe
and all the folks from Lockheed Martin!

Pics are up and check here for
return dates to the Columbine!!
Great to see Lori out at the Columbine!! Here's
Lori North and Michelle Brown,
two of the Alias Lead Vocalists ,
and some guy....I would have loved
to see and hear these two on stage together!!

Michelle Brown and Burns Twice are
bringing the Fun to a Fun Friday
in the little town of Littleton!!
Good luck to the new owner, Cheryl!!
The band has added a bunch of new
21st Century Classic Rock songs to the set list,and we hear they
are serving up some great Mexican Food!! I can't wait!!


Scott and Becky,and Hope took some great pics in 15!!
See the pics,on our Photos Page
So fun celebrating Scott's 50th,
We saw a rare sighting of the entire
Reign Project all at one table!!
It was also Tommy Hix Williams' birthday
and he sat in and just tore it up. Former Alias guitarist
Bruce and the lovely Jackie actually popped in from LA !!
Bruce pulled a 80's tune out of his pocket and sang
"Should I Stay or Should I Go"
for the first time in over 30 years.
[note that we are standing in front of a
Back to the 80's video game,perfect]
thanks to everyone at Dillinger's and Happy Holidays !!

See the Photos Page for the pics!!
21'st Fun Friday at Dillinger's was just that!!
Great to hear Tom sitting in.
  Reign caved in to peer pressure
and beat the cowbell with in a inch of it's life,
Thanks Rich and the gang!!
See Scott's Slide Show...
Friday Nov. 6 8:30 Dillinger's in Laffayette...
  Burns Twice....
The Little House Band on the Prairie,is back
for another round of Fun Fridays!!
Jake's was a-rockin,
Thanks to Ivan,
lead singer for
Five Finger Death Punch,
He paid the whole tab for the
whole band !! We hooked him up
with a Burns Twice T!! 
Michelle's Posse was strong!! Thanks Gordy from Reign Project
for the cowbell assist !!Dancer's kept the floor packed
all night!! See Scott's pics..
October 16th, Jake's "Stop Inn"Roadhouse,
Burns Twice returns
to Colorado's home
for Live Music , Jake's!!

Dillinger's was fun! Thanks to Kittye and Carrie
for bringing their gang to our show after their gig,
right down the street !!

We return to Dillinger's  Nov. 6. Scott's and Becky's pics are up !!

Even Dillinger , himself, looks excited
that Burns Twice is returning to the
scene of the crime,
Dillinger's in Lafeyette, Friday Oct. 2 at 8:30!!
Thanks to a " loser leaves town"  situation,
this is as close to Boulder
as the law allows.
So , join Michelle Brown and Burns Twice for another
Fun Friday at the joint too tough to go out, Dillinger's.
Look and listen for some friends to join the show!!
Thanks for all the family and friends
that were in the crowd at The Taunez,
They are the beautiful people we love to play for!!

To see more of Scott's Pics, visit our Photos Page!!
SEPT. 26 8PM.....Burns Twice
returns to The Taunaz
for a Saturday Show .
Friendly folks, great staff,
and a fun patio scene, make for a Fun Fall Night!
With the Super Moon looming over head,
we are bringing some friends to join us
and turn up the Lune factor!!

Memories are hazy, we must of had fun,
judging from the look on
Claire's face!! It really was a perfect night!!

September 11, 8 pm.....Hopper's presents
Burns Twice !! 
Always a Fun Friday at Denver's Best Beach!!
IT WAS A PERFECT DAY!! We had a blast
playing the highest point on the
Peak to Peak Highway,
the outdoor stage at the World Famous Millsite Inn!!
Thanks to Carol and Scott who are such great hosts!!
Good to see Pattie and Karen and Diana from Jamestown!!

Thanks for the great pics Hope!! See them on our photo page.
Sunday August 9th 1 pm THE MILLSITE INN WARD COLORADO...
Burns Twice heads up to the High Country
for a Fun in the Sun Sunday
on the Highest Stage in the Rockies!!
Carol and Scott are cooking up a killer Pic-a-nic Meal [10 bucks!!]
and it looks like it will be a beautiful day!!
The Millsite is located on The Peak to Peak Scenic Byway, right outside
of Ward and if you have never visited The Millsite,
come up and see for yourself!!

                  Always a fun time at Hopper's !!
Burns Twice returns to the beach,
Friday Sept. 11. 8pm.
To see Scott and Becky's photos...
visit our Photos Page

     We are back from Summer Vacation and headed
to Denver's Best
Beach.. Hopper's !!
Join Burns Twice  Friday July 24,
at 8 pm for our 22nd "Fun Friday". It will be a beautiful night for a party on the patio !!
The last day of Spring and the first night
of Summer was a blast at Jake's Roadhouse!!
We had a Birthday Part Deux,
some nudity, wild dancing, and again, we all had birthday cake.!! Thanks Janice,
Div and Michelle and the whole staff at Jake's!

!. We will see you back at the Roadhouse on Friday October 16th and Scott's photos are up!!

    Saturday June 20th 9 pm.... Burns Twice and Michelle Brown
roll into Jake's Stop In Roadhouse for
a Saturday Night Show!!
Jake's is a great room for live music,
Doug has a great staff that will take care of everyone!!
It was Divya's Birthday at the Merc,and
Photographer,Sal DeVIncenzo was there!!
  See Sal's Photos on our Photos Page

So nice the see everyone who came out!!
It was a beautiful night,and the Merc was the Merc!! Downtown Brown rocked it and we all had cake!!

THE JAMESTOWN MERC,Saturday June 6th 7pm....
Burns Twice [Jamestown's Oldest Surviving Garage Band] is back
in town for their annual Gemini Birthday Party!!
Come on up the canyon and party with the town
that couldn't dance straight!!
                       I found a box of "vintage" pics of our adventures performing in the window of the Jamestown Merc over the last 15 years.Also some fun pics of the colorful patrons of the Merc in their natural Habitat!! See them on our Photos Page!!
Great to see our friends!! Jeffiner, [Jeneff?]Reign,Scott Janis.The crew took great care of everybody on a rain soaked night.Pics are up

FRIDAY MAY 22ND 8:30 Dillinger's in Lafeyette...Join Burns Twice and Michelle Brown as they return to The Home on the Range for Rock and Roll..Dillinger's!! It is always a Fun Friday with Rich and the gang!! 
We found a bunch more pics from Jakes Roadhouse Snowmaggedon 1!! Good pics of Kirk Kissekman sitting in!! Thanks Scott and Becky!! See our Photos Page
 The Platte is one great bar!! Thanks Frankie and all your staff!! We had a blast!! Check here for a return date. Pics are up!!

       Join Burns Twice and Michelle Brown as we motor south to a new room for us....The Platt River Grill, 5995 S.Santa Fe Dr. in Littleton Co. 80120. We are hearing good things about this club.
   What a fun night,[ in what we are calling Snowmageddon 2 Kittye's Dillinger's Dance Party]
So great seeing everybody dancing!! It was Laura's birthday,she rocked it, and former Burns Twice guitarist Tom Hix Williams tore it up for a couple of sets.We pulled out all the old Allman Bros. tunes and had a ball!! We return to Dillinger's May 22nd!!


  Friday April 17th Dillinger's 8:30 pm, Burns Twice moves the Friday Fun Fest to the Centaur Plaza in Lafeyette. Michelle and friends will be sitting in, should be rocking!!

    Here's a classic pic from Dillinger's I found.. This is a great chance for our Boulder [adjacent ] fans to see the show!!

Please welcome the newest member of Team Burns Twice, Scott!!

    Great to rock out with Michelle,Tracee,and Annette!!
     See the p
ics on our Photos page!!


 We have some "Fun Friday" surprises!!
Alias singer Michelle Hughes Brown is coming out to sit in for a set,and she can't wait to sing some of her favorites from the 80's!! She's bringing her daughter and sister,Annette and Tracee to join us as well!!
      We had a great get together at The Burns Twice Secret Mountain Compound last weekend!! 

We love to play, and we love Riffs, Here's why....It's a great rock room,full of true fans of Colorado Live Music!!
         With The Famous "Davies Chuck Wagon" menu available in the bar, Riffs can hook you up with one of their killer  Chicken Fried Steak Dinners!!          
  Burns Twice promises to "Get The Led Out". And, in response to the most hackneyed expression of the 21st Century, yes Virginia, Burns Twice has added..."More Cowbell" to every set !!

Thanks to Mother Nature for letting us get
our gig in before Snowmaggedon !!
Thanks to Doug and the staff for everything !! Fireball shots kept everybody warm.
Kirk Kisselman sat in a set and was hot !!
Burns Twice returns to the "Stop In " in June !!

See our photo page for more pics!!

FRIDAY FEB. 20 9pm... Burns Twice will "Stop Inn" at our favorite
Roadhouse, Jake's!! It should be a fun Friday Night!!
This is a great room for fans of live music!!
 Good times at Dillinger's!!
We believe we might have even seen Rich...
When the gals started dancing the party got started!!
Thanks Scott for pitching in, Good to see everyone!!

It's been a while...

Dillinger's welcomes the return
of Burns Twice for a special "Friday the 13th/Valentines Show"!!
We're gonna beat feet to the Centaur Plaza in Lafayette Friday,
Feb. 13th at a new start time, 8:30pm !!
We are ready to Rock, and we have brand new sets of 21 Century Classic Rock for your drinking,dining and dancing pleasure

    Thanks Claire and the whole gang from       Hopper's !! We had a ball!!

HOPPERS FRIDAY Jan. 9th 8 pm....
We love Hopper's and we love starting the new year at Denver's Best Beach...Hopper's!!
Thanks to our friends and family,our fans old and new,
and every one who supports live, local music!!
It's why we love what we do!!
2014 has been an interesting year for Burns Twice,
full of fun and challenges!!
We are already looking forward to 2015!!

   Thanks to every one who came out to Riffs last night! Thanks Doug,fun Party!! Riff's is a great rock room!! Great to talk to "The Cousins" Mike and Dave ,Michelle promised to sit in next time ,or we could pick from any of her genetically engineered daughters, and sisters!! It's not fair,that much talent in one family .Great gig to finish out the calender for the year!!

As Burns Twice heads into our last show for 2014....
we want to invite everyone to our "Holiday Party" at Riff's Friday,Dec. 5th 9pm!! We will have presents for Naughty and Nice

    We have been hearing a lot of good
things about Riffs
[Riffs, a Rock and Roll Bar Located at 10151 West 26th Ave, in Wheatridge. behind Davies Chuck Wagon]
So, Friday, Dec. 5th we will see for our own bad self's.
Join us for a fun night at
a fun new room...
Riff's!! Visit their face book page at

It was cold but the crowd was warm!!
Thanks Claire and Charity for taking care
of our friends and fans!!

Thanks,Dave and
Mike,Kittie,everyone from Reign Project,Gary on cowbell,everyone
who danced,and as always,
plumbers everywhere!!

Back to the Beach!! Denver's best beach, Hopper's!!
Nov. 14th 8 pm, We always look forward to
seeing all our friends and fans at Hopper's!!
Our fans like to smoke and drink,and where
there is smoke there's Burns Twice!!

Burns Twice is taking "Rocktober" off, but,we are still rocking!! We are patching up the gear,and learning a bunch of new tunes for our next gig at Hopper's,Nov. 14th.!! Come out and listen as Burns Twice gets the Led out with a bunch of new Zep tunes added to our show, as well as some new material, we are sure will get people dancing!!
CONGRATS TO LORI AND ALL THE GREAT FOLKS AT DMK,They raised over 1000 dollars and a good time was had by all!! Please continue to support DMK Re-homing and visit them at  .

Our favorite cause!! Cisco's Ride is a
benefit for DMK Re-homing,
they find our animal friends a "forever" home.
Come help Burns Twice raise money for this important organization!! 

The fun starts at 2 at Lulu's, see you there!!



SUPER MOON!! Mystical night at the Taunez!! The prodigal daughter returns!


THE TAUNEZ TAVERN WELCOMES THE RETURN OF BURNS TWICE....Saturday, Aug. 9th 9pm...The Burns Twice 21st Century Classic Rock Show will fire up around 9 for a night of Dancing and Drinking at Denver's friendliest neighborhood Tavern!! You have to check out the great patio scene,it's a former putt putt golf course!!